Arts+Tech Madlab Artist James Medd

This month we are having a series of guest artist visits coming to discuss their work. As we begin to commission artists for WARP Festival we are inviting local artists working on interesting warped projects that we could potentially work with on our festival. Back in January we welcomed Asa from MadLab who talked to us about interactive digital artworks and their programme Arts+Tech for artists working with digital technology. James Medd is one of these artists and is currently creating Awkward Arcade, a series of arcade games that are awkward to play or mess around with your view of what an arcade game can be. He is working with games developers as well as creating his own games and at he brought one of these prototype games to our session, called THE MASHING. In teams of five the aim of the game is to mash the buttons as intensely as possible against the clock with a visual totaliser, a simple yet entertaining concept! This reduces the arcade game to the task of button mashing. Other games James discussed were one where we consider life and death and regeneration, or really get into the complexitities of a characters mind with real world issues and  paranoia. Thanks James!

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