Arts + Tech Artists: ONEFIVEWEST + Warp Themes

This weeks session was a busy one, we had a visit from Artist duo One Five West who create interactive public artworks that respond to gesture and sound. One idea for our festival is to have things happening in the trees, crazy interactions that you stumble across throughout the park. One Five West are part of the Mad Lab Arts+Tech programme and are developing these devices that hang in trees and public spaces, they emit sounds and light as a person walks past or makes a sound and these can be programmed with different content. They brought in their prototypes to show the group who loved the sound to light and gesture to sound objects.

Following this artists in residence Helen and Pat revisited the WARP themes for the festival of trees, memory and folklore and explored how our Circuit themes will work with the Anya Gallacio tree sculpture installation. Pat ran a word game thinking about descriptive words that we can use when we write our artist call out briefs next week. Helen created a visual collage with the group that explored WARP themes that will be a starting point for the visual look of our festival.

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