Reclaim Youth Project: Skill Share

This week WYC welcomed RECLAIM to the Gallery for a skill share session.

WYC began the session with an introduction to the group and what we are about and then in small groups we led tours around the gallery. Our group shared their favourite artworks in the collections and held discussions based on these artworks.

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The young people from Reclaim ran a session on leadership, we discussed what qualities does it take to be a leader? We also discussed what the current important issues are affecting young people in Manchester, and thought about what cause we would die for. These causes included womens right to education, democracy + free society, equal rights. Reclaim told us about their work and some of the youth campaigns they have run over the past year, including an anti racism campaign on the anniverary of the death of Stephen Lawrence and raising awareness of the right for females to walk down the street without sexism. It was so inpsiring to see young people standing up and being visible about the issues important to them. To find out more about Reclaim visit


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