Glitching Photos + Plan for Launch

On ou0 Rr first session of 2015 WYC started planning for our event at the Whitworth Opening Weekend. Our creative concept signed off, it was time to get down to producing the event. Tonight we discussed what our social media plan might look like, we are aiming to attract new young people to the event so we thought about how they might be able to interact on line. We have four weeks to make our static glitchy film collage so tonight we tested out manual and open source means of glitching still photographs. Using images from the Whitworth collections and the WYC archive we tried databending, messing around with the code of the jpg.s to create warped and glitched imagery. Aesthetically the social media and film collage will be in tune and the DIY action of databending, interrupting and reprogramming gallery imagery fits with our mission as Whitworth Young Contemporaries … hacking into and connecting young people with the gallery!

Here is our production timeline showing all the tasks we need to do to realise our event.

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