Planning Day WYC Pilot Event

wpid-wp-1407351225754.jpegBlueprint Festival Reflection

The group discussed their recent trip to Blueprint festival thinking about different aspects of the event included the artistic programming, participatory elements, use of space and how we felt as an audience experiencing the festival. This reflection helped us to refine and form what we want our first pilot event Videonation to feel and be like.

Brainstorming for Videonation

We had discussions around the different ways we as young people use youtube, from information finding, sharing content, promoting our own artwork and creativity to educating, learning and research right through to funny videos and laughter. We explored the different ways we consume film and video, the idea of ownership of content and the rights of the artist; all food for thought as we started to brainstorm ideas and workshops for our event.

The Space + Ideas

The group worked in the Z-arts Cafe and thought about different ways we could use the space for our youth event, from installations, projections, acts and activity areas. We shared our initial ideas for the event, these were big and bold even at this early stage!

Marketing: Guest Speaker, Ben Williams

pinocchioWe welcomed guest speaker Ben Williams, Marketing Officer from Z-arts who talked to us about an interesting marketing campaign he ran for Pinocchio, a  hip hop theatre production. This included an intriguing print campaign around Hulme and Moss Side with ‘Have you seen this boy?’ posters featuring an animated Pinocchio picture in a ‘WANTED’ poster style and how he produced retro Manchester newspapers for the local campaign. We also watched the video campaign which was carefully crafted to build anticipation whilst not revealing too much that might spoil the surprise of the artistry in the show.



Online Campaign

For our first event we are concentrating on online promotion, creating abstract video teasers and trailers that will hopefully catch peoples interest and spark curiosity in the event. Jo created some brilliant imagery to promote the event so it’s all systems go now with youth promotion. Here’s a link to the facebook page and event where you can see some of the videos we’ve created.

WYC Page

Facebook Event 


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