Social Number One

Automatic drawing 1

Our first Circuit Social was a blast! It was the first time the Whitworth Young Contemporaries had met each other so we thought what better way to get to know each other than to create some artwork together. Z-arts Gallery was a hive of creativity and music, Dan Powell from Mind on Fire was here to run some DJ skills workshops providing the perfect soundtrack to the evening. Inspired by the beats and rhythms we tried our hand(s) at Automatic Drawing with illustrator Stephen Nuttall, drawing without thinking and seeing where our flows and pens took us. Visualist Bob Wass taught us how to mix live visuals, taking video footage/photos from events happening on the evening and mixing them on iPad app ‘algoriddim’, these were projected onto the gallery walls. With music, technology and mark making, all three artforms blended perfectly, influencing each other and there certainly was a party atmosphere.

AV 1 malik abel laughing Mubs Ruddy Mubs Selina














abel dj serena djwpid-imag0207.jpg

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