Free Writing. Trinity House Mens Group

‘Fresh stuff… giving little people opportunities!’

DSC_0639Big opinions from the lads at Trinity Mens Group this week.

The Whitworth crew called in to meet the newly established Trinity Mens group at Trinity House in Rusholme, and what a blast we had. The lads watched our new film ‘How do you connect with art?’, found out about the Circuit programme and we were thrilled to work with spoken word artist Martin Stannage aka MC Visceral who led discussions around our preconceptions of the arts and galleries. Check out some of the responses on our wall of love and wall of fear… powerful indeed!

We set a challenge to create a 6 second Vine video… choosing a word or image that would sum up how they connect with art. You can view this vine here: TRINITY VINE

DSC_0636 DSC_0629







Part of the Whitworth reopening programme is Sarah Lucas’ Tits in Space , this artwork caused quite a stir at the group, generating discussion around the meaning and its status as an art piece. This is something we will return to in later sessions.

We had a discussion around Mixed Martial Arts and how this could be classed as an art form as it is a free form creative manifestation of many different martial art styles. Other talking points were the commercialisation of art, integrity and the idea of being ‘original’ or authentic when producing art.


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